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2nd May 2012

Tuesday, 2nd May 2012
University of Glasgow, GilmoreHill Campus
Wolfson Medical School, Seminar room 3 (The Gannochy)
Directions to the school, labelled C8 on the map
Contact: Graham Hamilton or a>Urmi Trivedi

Time and topic proposed by
12:30 to 13:30 Lunch Served in the Atrium
13:30 to 13:50 Whole Genome Bisulphite Sequencing - Accessing the methylome of Senescent cells , Tony McBryan
13:50 to 14:30 Automating pipelines for high-throughput whole genome and whole exome sequencing, Peter Saffrey
14:30 to 14:50 Exploring the kmer content of Illumina whole metagenome samples, Mick Watson
14:50 to 15:20 Coffee served in the Atrium
15:20 to 16:00 ENAsearch, Neil Goodgame
16:00 to 16:20 AfterParty: a web-based next-gen transcriptome explorer, Martin Jones
16:20 to 16:40 Investigating the effects of cancer treatments in a clinical trial using RNA-seq, Ian Sudbery

Confirm name / Vegetarian
Graham Hamilton
Tony McBryan
Peter Saffrey
Richard Orton
Timothee Cezard
Shriram Bhosle Yes
Mick Watson
Derek Gatherer
Mark Blaxter Yes
Nick Schurch
Joseph Hughes
Urmi Trivedi Yes
Neil Goodgame
Peter Cock
Christelle Robert
Gavin Wilkie
Micha Bayer
Chris Cole
Akshay Bhat
Pieta Schofield Yes
David Martin
Marek Gierliński
Martin Jones
Ann Hedley
Mani Mudaliar Yes
Ian Sudbery Yes
Emily Richardson
Andrea Mitchell
Gabriela Kalna
John McClure
Mohammed Dashti
Stephen Bridgett Yes
Gaganjot Kaur Yes
Ben Elsworth Yes
Alex Marshall
Karim Gharbi
Pawel Herzyk
Rob Young No
Harriet Kemp
Jo Pethick
Jon Wilkes
Georgios Koutsovoulos

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