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7th October 2008

7th October 2008, 12:00 PM
Location: Moredun Institute
Parking: Free parking slots available on MRI site

Tutorial + Demo : Illumina/SOLEXA and 454 GS-FLX Workflow, Urmi Trivedi
Suggested 20 minute presentations:
Topic proposed by
Formats and how to prepare data for assembly software other than Maq, eg. Mosaik, Derek Gatherer (this will be more a description of my various experiences rather than an expert cookbook demo)
It would be helpful if someone talks about job prospects for bioinformaticians, Sameera Kasibhatta

*Note: Please add to this table based on what you would like to present, or what you would like others to present at this meeting. For example, If you are starting to analyse 454 data, then you might want to see a presentation on the best workflows, assembly tools, and parameters.


Urmi Trivedi
Chris Janssen
Derek Gatherer
Andrew Davison
Archie Campbell
Andy Law
Peter Cock (SCRI)
Florian Halbritter
Alastair Kerr
Linda Milne
Paul Shaw
Dan Bolser
Bruno Louro
Chris Cole
Alex Lainson
Raja Yaga
Dushi Jyothi
Frank Wright
Tara Crook
Kim Willoughby
Philip Skuce
Patricia Dewar
Ewan Clark
Alison Dicker
Pau Navarro
Harry Wright
Simon Tomlinson
Colin Bayne
Kathrin Poos
Ben Elsworth
Ross Fraser
Sameera Kasibhatta

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