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5th August 2008

5th August 2008, 12PM. Lunch will be provided
Location: Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Laboratories, University of Edinburgh

Talk by Daniel Zerbino, about Velvet (assembler for short Solexa reads)
Resequencing C. elegans using Solexa, Mark Blaxter, Sujai Kumar and Urmi Trivedi

Confirm name / Vegetarian
Sujai Kumar Yes
Archie Campbell Yes
Urmi Trivedi Yes
Derek Gatherer
Nouri BenZakour
David Martin
Colin Semple
Andy Law (I may be late)
Paul Hunt Yes
Mark Blaxter Yes
Dan Bosler Yes
Linda Milne Yes
Florian Halbritter
Axel Martinelli Yes
Micha Bayer Yes
Ross Fraser
Chris Cole
Tara Crook
Andreia Fonseca
Peter Cock
Pawel Herzyk
Ben Elsworth Yes
Alex Lainson
Albert Tenesa
Simon Tomlinson

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