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First meeting

1st April 2008, 12:00-15:30 PM
Location: The Ashworth Laboratories, University of Edinburgh, EH9 3JT

Goals for the user group
What users want out of the user group
15 minute presentations by members of the group on what they have been working on
A website with answers to some of the questions below
A discussion forum (preferably with biographies of the members so that we know our areas of expertise)

Questions we would like to answer to
What should be the system requirements for a machine to analyse NGS data
What are the expected quality values (What do they mean, what value ranges can we expect)
What is the format of the data that come off the different machines
What is the approximate size of data files
What is the minimum publication information we should supply (sort of like MIAME for Microarrays)
Do we need to store raw data (image files) - discussion of pros and cons
How does ABI sequence data differ from NGS data
How would you analyse DNA from a soil sample using NGS
How would you 'troubleshoot' a run
What do bad runs look like
Is there a way to fix them bioinformatically?
If you are writing programs for dealing with NGS data - are there any best practice algorithms to keep in mind?
What are the best tools for analysing NGS data (alignment/assembly/SNP-Indel detection)
What literature is out there with
Examples of good science done using NGS data
Descriptions of tools/methods to deal with NGS data
What are some Standard Operating Procedures to follow when you get NGS data
Are there any scripts for automating these SOPs

Participants Click here

Sujai Kumar Sujai's presentation
Paul Wilkinson

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