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10th February 2009

10th February 2009, 12:30 PM
Location: Wolfson Seminar Room, Wolfson Building, University of Glasgow. Please note this is the Wolfson Building, not the Wolfson Medical Building which is something completely different.
Parking: There is no on-campus parking, and parking anywhere near the University is quite difficult. The nearest tube stations are Hillhead or Kelvinhall (about equidistant). Please see see map it's Building B10.

Topic proposed by
Strategies for integrating technologies for de-novo sequence assembly, Dan Bolser
Assembly of human cytomegalovirus genomes, Andrew Davison
Cleaning data for De novo Assembly, Derek Gatherer
NGS in Glasgow, Pawel Herzyk
Overview of CLCbio - bioinformatics workbench for NGS data, Darrol Baker

Confirm name / Vegetarian
Urmi Trivedi Yes
Andy Law No
Dan Bolser Yes
Derek Gatherer
Andrew Davison
Pawel Herzyk
Darrol Baker
Chris Janssen
Aidan Dolan
Charles Cunningham
David Martin
Duncan McGeoch
Florian Halbritter
Achim Schnaufer Yes
Gary Loake
Wook Yun
Thomas Waibel
Laura Skylaki
Richard Talbot
Zen Lu
Bruce Ward
Tracey Neilson
Ken Forbes
Jon Wilkes
George Russell
Bethan Lowder Yes
Nouri BenZakour
Nina Akrenius
Peter Saffrey
Sreenivasula Kurukuti
Micha Bayer
Yan Zhou
Serdar Kasakyan
Koorosh Korfi

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