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NextGenBUG meetings are open to all, and there is no charge for attendance. We especially welcome early stage researchers and newcomers to genome informatics.

NextGenBUG meetings are put together by the local organiser and the community. We try to ensure that there is a speaker of international stature invited for each meeting, but the remainder of the meeting is open for talks volunteered from the community. If you want to speak at a meeting, get in touch with the organiser give them the title of your talk. We usually allocate 15 min for talks, and 5 min for discussion - so if you need more time, ask us ( NextGenBUG is a great venue to practice for big meeting talks, present ideas you are working on, and introduce the community to new ideas and approaches.

Commercial / industrial speakers are welcome, but please do ensure you present research information and not just a sales pitch. We welcome commercial sponsorship: please contact us at

We encourage all speakers to upload their presentations to the NextGenBUG F1000 Research Channel.


Next meeting

Meeting Day Year Institute City Host(s) Registraion/info
Sixty-fifth meeting  30 May  2024 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh Urmi Trivedi Here

Past meetings

Meeting Month Year Institute City
Sixty-fourth meeting October 2023 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Sixty-third meeting October 2022 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Sixty-second meeting April 2021 Edinburgh Genomics (online) Edinburgh
Sixty-first meeting December 2018 Centre for Genome Enabled Biology & Medicine Aberdeen
Sixtieth meeting October 2018 IGMM Edinburgh
Fifty-ninth meeting August 2018 NA NA
Fifty-eight meeting June 2018 NA NA
Fifty-seventh meeting April 2018 Centre for Virus Research Glasgow
Fifty-sixth meeting    February  2018   School of Informatics      Edinburgh 
Fifty-fifth meeting December 12 2017 University of Dundee Dundee
Fifty-fourth meeting October 10 2017 IGMM Edinburgh
Fifty-third meeting August 8 2017 University of St Andrews St Andrews
Fifty-second meeting May 12 2017 Centre for Genome Enabled Biology & Medicine Aberdeen
Fifty-first meeting February 14 2017 Centre for Virus Research Glasgow
Fiftieth meeting December 6 2016 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Forty-ninth meeting October 11 2016 James Hutton Institute Dundee
Forty-eighth meeting August 16 2016 Institute of Cancer Sciences Glasgow
Forty-seventh meeting June 16 2016 University of St Andrews St Andrews
Forty-sixth meeting April 26 2016 Roslin Institute Edinburgh
Forty-fifth meeting February 23 2016 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Forty-fourth meeting December 8 2015 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Forty-third meeting October 28 2015 University of Dundee Dundee
Forty-second meeting August 14 2015 IGMM Edinburgh
Forty-first meeting June 30 2015 University of Aberdeen Aberdeen
Fortieth meeting April 14 2015 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Thirty-ninth meeting February 3 2015 James Hutton Institute Dundee
Thirty-eighth meeting December 8 2014 University of St Andrews St Andrews
Thirty-seventh meeting October 15 2014 Edinburgh Genomics Edinburgh
Thirty-sixth meeting June 9 2014 University of Dundee Dundee
Thirty-fifth meeting April 1 2014 University of Aberdeen Aberdeen
Thirty-fourth meeting February 4 2014 Glasgow Polyomics Glasgow
Thirty-third meeting November 6 2013 University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Thirty-second meeting October 1 2013 Ashworth Laboratories Edinburgh
Thirty-first meeting June 10 2013 The Roslin Institute Edinburgh
Thirtieth meeting April 2 2013 College of Life Sciences Dundee
Twenty ninth meeting February 12 2013 Gillmore Hill Campus Glasgow
Twenty eighth meeting December 10 2012 Swann Building Edinburgh
Twenty seventh meeting November 13 2012 Institute of Medical Sciences Aberdeen
Twenty sixth meeting September 4 2012 James Hutton Institute Dundee
Twenty fifth meeting July 3 2012 Roslin Institute Edinburgh
Twenty fourth meeting May 2 2012 Gillmore Hill Campus Glasgow
Twenty-third meeting February 9 2012 University of Dundee Dundee
Twenty-second meeting November 9 2011 Ashworth Labs Edinburgh
Twenty-first meeting September 14 2011 MRC Human Genetis Unit Edinburgh
Twentieth meeting July 12 2011 Roslin Institute Edinburgh
Nineteenth meeting May 10 2011 Gillmore Hill Campus Glasgow
Eighteenth meeting March 14 2011 e-Science Institute Edinburgh
Seventeenth meeting January 18 2011 College of Life Sciences Dundee
Sixteenth meeting November 02 2010 NeSC Edinburgh
Assembly workshop November 01-02 2010 NeSC Edinburgh
Fifteenth meeting September 07 2010 Gillmore Hill Campus Glasgow
Fourteenth meeting June 01 2010 Institute of Medical Sciences Aberdeen
Thirteenth meeting April 06 2010 e-Science Institute Edinburgh
Twelfth meeting February 09 2010 College of Life Sciences Dundee
Eleventh meeting December 01 2009 e-Science Institute Edinburgh
Tenth meeting October 06 2009 Rowett Institute Aberdeen
Ninth meeting August 04 2009 Institute of Virology Glasgow
Eighth meeting June 02 2009 Scottish Crop Research Institute Dundee
Seventh meeting April 7 2009 Ashworth Labs Edinburgh
Sixth meeting February 10 2009 Wolfson Medical Building Glasgow
Fifth meeting December 2 2008 College of Life Sciences Dundee
Fourth meeting October 7 2008 Moredun Institute Edinburgh
Third meeting August 5 2008 Ashworth Labs Edinburgh
Second meeting June 3 2008 Western General Hospital Edinburgh
First meeting April 1 2008 Ashworth Labs Edinburgh


NextGenBUG is co-ordinated and sponsored by Edinburgh Genomics, The University of Edinburgh's next generation genomics facility.