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Other Next Gen Sequencing resources


Please add links to your favourite resources here. When adding a link, if possible add a line or two about what it's about, what you like about it, etc. - Presentations from past NextGenBUG meetings - “Your source for next gen sequencing information”. A very active Bioinformatics forum at and one of their most useful and linked to topics is Software packages for next gen sequence analysis - General solexa (i.e. Illumina) talk - including wet lab protocols - Useful discussions on the solexa pipeline and how it can be run on Sun Grid Engine (started by Clive Brown and co at the Sanger). Excellent resource for solexa quality/troubleshooting, pipelines etc. Heng Li's list of NextGen software. - NEBC Next Generating Sequencing Information and Links page

NextGenBUG is co-ordinated and sponsored by Edinburgh Genomics, The University of Edinburgh's next generation genomics facility.