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9th February 2010

9th February, 2010, 12:30 PM
Location: Wellcome Trust Building, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee
Directions and transport options:
Parking: On-campus parking is limited. Permits can be requested by emailing Chris Cole

Time and topic proposed by
13.00 InsectaCentral - assembling and annotating insect transcriptomes, Alexie Papanicolau, Exeter
13.40 Galaxy: a stairway to NGS heaven, Chris Cole, Dundee
14.00 Some work on and around the potato genome sequencing project, Dan Bolser, Dundee
14.40 An Introduction to the CLCBio Genomics Workbench, Darrol Baker, CLCBio

*Note: Please add 20 or 40 minute talks to this table based on what you would like to present, or what you would like others to present at this meeting. For example, If you are starting to analyze 454 data, then you might want to see a presentation on the best workflows, assembly tools, and parameters.

Confirm name / Vegetarian
Linda Milne Yes
Chris Cole
Urmi Trivedi Yes
Leighton Pritchard
Dan Bolser Yes
Karim Gharbi
Daniel Barker
Micha Bayer
Nick Schurch
Marek Gierliński
Vicky Cowling
Graham Thomas
Sujai Kumar Yes
Stephen Bridgett Yes
Darrol Baker
John Davey Yes
Pieta Schofield
Zen Lu
Mark Fell
Sara Brown
Jim Procter Yes (non-dairy)
Maria Keays
Joy Chua
Olivia Mendivil
Shaun Webb
Elina Immonen Yes
Tony McBryan
Peter Saffrey Yes
Paris Veltsos
Gilbert Smith
Achim Schnaufer Yes
Richard Talbot
Gordon Simpson Yes
Andrew Cassidy
Caroline Reiff Yes
Timothee Cezard
David Shuker
Jack Hearn
Chris Janssen
Ji-Hyun Lim
Ben Elsworth Yes
Frank Wright Yes
Bruce Ward Yes
Jon Manning Yes
David Ferrier

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