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Meeting 2nd April 2013

Tuesday, 2nd of April 2013, 12.30 PM
College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee
Small Lecture Theatre, Medical Sciences Institute Building
Directions: to Dundee To venue
Contact: Chris Cole


*Suggested 20 minutes presentations, if you need more time contact Chris Cole:

12:00 to 13:00 Lunch Served in the WTB Atrium
13.00 to 13:20 Distribution of gene expression from RNASeq data Marek Gierliński, University of Dundee
13.20 to 13:40 APApred - a new predictor of polyadenylation sites in human genome Sasha Sherstnev, University of Dundee
13.40 to 14:00 External Spike-ins; taking control of RNA-Seq experiments Nick Schurch, University of Dundee
14.00 to 14:30 Data-driven Informatics: A tale of NGS infrastructure (PDF) Rob Davey, TGAC, Norwich
14:30 to 14:50 Polyploid Plant Parasitic Nematodes revealed using whole genome sequencing and phylogenomics Mark Blaxter, University of Edinburgh
14:50 to 15:20 Tea/Coffee Served in the WTB Atrium
15:20 to 15:40 The future for NextGenBUG: proposals for the next 24 months Mark Blaxter, Edinburgh Genomics


Confirmed name / Vegetarian
Chris Cole
Marek Gierliński
Nick Schurch
Peter Cock
Melanie Febrer
Julia Loecherbach
Linda Milne
Richard Orton
Urmi Trivedi Yes
Martin Jones
Rob Davey Yes
David Martin
Sasha Sherstnev
Mani Mudaliar Yes
Graham Hamilton
Shriram Bhosle Yes
Susan Fairley Yes
Timothee Cezard
Christelle Robert
Victoria Svinti
Frances Turner
Ewan Mollison
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Remco Stam
Mark Blaxter Yes
Micha Bayer
Antonio Ribeiro
Nancy Giang
Jon Manning Yes
Florian Halbritter

NextGenBUG is co-ordinated and sponsored by Edinburgh Genomics, The University of Edinburgh's next generation genomics facility.