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Next meeting Aberdeen June 2015

Hosted by the Centre for Genome Enabled Biology and Medicine, University of Aberdeen.



Tuesday 30th June 2015


Lunch: CGEBM, 23 St. Machar Drive, University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen

Meeting: Auris lecture theatre, 23 St. Machar Drive, University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen


Located directly in front of the Cruickshank Building.


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Speaker Presentation title Time More information
LUNCH LUNCH 12:30-13:30  
John Willis (Duke University) How we developed genomic resources for Mimulus, a group of wildflowers well suited for studying the genetic basis of adaptation and speciation. 

Sophie Shaw Transcriptional reprogramming of Trichoderma hamatum GD12 during antagonistic interactions with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in soil 14:30-14:50  
Antonio Claudio Bello Ribeiro Exploring causes of false positive SNPs in NGS data 14:50-15:10  
Bert Overduin Upcoming meetings 15:10-15:15  

Note: After the meeting we are planning to go to Las Iguanas. This bar is at the Union Square Shopping Centre, next to the railway station, and thus conveniently located for any out-of-towners who have to get back home by train.


John Willis, Bert Overduin, Matthew Gemmell, Elaina Collie-Duguid, Anthony Travis, Eduardo Sanchez-Bermejo, Nicola Morrice, Xinyuan Huang, Sophie Shaw, Alex Douglas, Eduardo de Paiva Alves, Davina Derous, Brennan Martin, Antonio Claudio Bello Ribeiro, Marius Wenzel, Reema Singh, Eva Weber, Venera Tyukmaeva, Deepali Vasoya, Stuart MacGowan, Jonathan Pettitt, Katie Emelianova, Christine McCartney, Alessandro Bergna, Francisco Perez Reche, Katie Crosley, Alison Meynert, Narendra Kumar, Hassan Hamdoun, Corran Musk, Chris Cole, Jessica Selby, Katie Baker, Paulo Flores, Micha Bayer

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