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Next meeting: Dundee, 12 December 2017


Tuesday 12 December 2017


School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dow Street, DD1 5EH.

Lunch will be held from 12:00 in the Discovery Centre Street (by main reception).

Talks will be held from 13:00 in the Small Lecture Theatre, MSI Building.

Directions to the School of Life Sciences.



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Speaker Talk title Time More information
LUNCH LUNCH 12:30 - 13:30
Davis McCarthy (EMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, Cambridge) Making the most of single-cell data with good analysis 13:30 - 14:30 Single-cell technologies have been widely adopted over the last few years, providing new genomics approaches to studying biological systems. As with any new genomics technologies, however, new data types and rapid adoption can lead to challenges for analysts trying to make sense of the data. This talk will discuss approaches to analysing single-cell sequencing data so that we can make the most of it. I will (briefly) present some ideas about useful plots and statistical measures for QC, normalisation, batch correction, clustering, pseudotime and differential expression. Along with discussing robust ways to answer biological questions with single-cell data I will highlight several pitfalls and gotchas (borne of bitter experience).
Stuart MacGowan (University of Dundee) What can human variation tell us about proteins? 14:30 - 14:55
COFFEE / TEA COFFEE / TEA 14:55 - 15:25
Mark Blaxter (The University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh Genomics) The future of NextGenBUG 15:25 - 15:45
Wenbin Guo (The James Hutton Institute, Dundee) TSIS R Package: Alternative splicing isoform switches for time-series data 15:45 - 16:05
Kira Mourao (University of Dundee) How to search and destroy spurious antisense reads in RNA-Seq experiments 16:05 - 16:25
Mungo Carstairs (University of Dundee) Visualising variant data in Jalview 16:25 - 16:35 Jalview ( is free software for visualisation and analysis of multiple sequence alignments. I will present work in progress for the next release of Jalview to add support for variant data from VCF files, including VEP consequence annotation.

After the meeting we wil go to the George Orwell, 168 Perth Rd, Dundee DD1 4JS.


Nick Schurch, Davis McCarthy, Peter Cock, Peter Thorpe, Marek Gierliński, Timothy Booth, Daniel Swan, Eirini Xemantilotou, Amanda Baizan Edge, Stuart MacGowan, Sophie Shaw, Mark Blaxter, Wenbin Guo, Runxuan Zhang, Joseph Ward, Graham Hamilton, David Meltzer, Urmi Trivedi, Kira Mourao, Mungo Carstairs, Koen van der Heide, Fábio Madeira, Suzanne Duce, Rory McLeod, Jean-Noel Thauvin, Sanjeev Sharma, Paulo Flores, Kimon Froussios, Andrea Martínez, Leighton Pritchard, Michele Tinti, Russell Hyde, Andrey Yurchenko, Carolin Kosiol, David McGuinness, Lewis Stevens

NextGenBUG is co-ordinated and sponsored by Edinburgh Genomics, The University of Edinburgh's next generation genomics facility.

NextGenBUG is co-ordinated and sponsored by Edinburgh Genomics, The University of Edinburgh's next generation genomics facility.